I have a special kinship with this leather travel journal.

I have journalled since April 24th, 2012. At times every night, at times every few days. I have used booklets, I have used leather journals, journals with branding, like River Song's TARDIS journal, I have used crafted leather journals...

I started bookbinding last October. I sold some, and made some as gifts for family.

Now that I travel fulltime, I created a leather journal with a removable paper booklet insert. 

And I filmed the whole process as D.I.Y. With Joe's debut YouTube Tutorials.
Hemming took the most time. I used regular sewing needles, pushed through with a thimble. I didn't have leather tools. I broke three needles making this.

Next time I'll use leather needles and awls to work the leather right.
I sourced the leather from a saddlebag my Aunt Ellen gave me. I'm a bit of a hipster and she thought it would be up my alley.

I was intrigued and thankful for the gift, and I used it a few times. One day there was a leak in my house, which ruined a lot of the leather. I salvaged the leather which was still intact and fashioned this cover.
Karma is baked into this product as well. I learned to bookbind using the Kettle Stitch from a YouTube video, and now I am giving back to YouTube by teaching it again.

I hope you liked my craftsmanship and my background stories!
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