For some practice, I did what many designers advise against: Submit entries into contests.

I am proud of my work for The Frosty Flower, Marijuana Cultivation facility. They preferred a muted, professional brand. One which spoke of tact and professionality rather than the hedonism seen in many marijuana brands flowing out with the new legalization in many states in the USA.

In this project I went further than my Illustrator skills and worked on my presentation skills, sharing the font used and the colors, as well as showing the logos on T-Shirts.

For the black-background version, I had to brighen the color of green used to offer a higher contrast against the black. In the end, I'm proud of my work and appreciate the progress I've made from my earlier designs.


P.S. Someone else got the gig with the client, so I used this as a learning experience and competed against myself.
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