Through thick and thin,
Shopify has given many entrepreneurs boatloads of passive income.

I decided to design one myself.

First, with the logo, then with the website.

Using the Retina theme, a popular eCommerce theme, I arranged the photos, navigation and language in a visually appealing and sales-friendly way.
Using a tutorial, I learned the ins and outs of changing the placements, colors and language to encourage sales. I applied my own spin, using a different theme and my own judgement to create this website.

Working through the code to figure out where and how to change and place certain things
Market research - figuring out what Digital Nomads wanted and needed online
Figuring out how to apply the lessons from the resources to my niche and product, and keep it unique and genuine

I think I did a pretty good job.

Navigation was important.

In my mind I thought - what do I want to promote on my site?
How can I appeal to Digital Nomads?

I chose to put shopping first, and make it easy to find specific categories.

Then FAQs and about us, so they can hear my personality and feel like they're actually buying from me. From a person. I do interact with my customers as much as possible, and when I can't my virtual self pops in for a visit.


With more time, I would be able to make this site into the #1 ecom site for digital nomads, however my sole focus is my design firm until I hit some goals I set for myself. I'd rather succeed at one full force then move forward than try to chase two rabbits and end up with sore feet and no rabbits.

This was a great design experience, and when I have more focus in my life and the skills to free up my time by automating my design firm, I will build this into a widely profitable store.

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