Project Unchained started as a side project. Initially I bought for a travel blog.

But I realized I want to build a bigger brand. A brand based on freedom, since I soon realized that freedom was my main motivation.

This blog would become a landing for people to sculpt their lifestyle into what they desire for themselves.

I built up social media (Instagram - @ProjectUnchained, Twitter @PrJectUnchained, Facebook @ProjectUnchained etc.) bought a logo, and reached out to successful entrepreneurs and lifestyle builders for interviews.

So far, I am the only employee. I continue to build it up until I monetize it. Then I will reach out for teammates.

I set up the site, designed it, installed analytics, published 76 public posts (with a few more currently scheduled) started a MailChimp newsletter...

This is my baby. This is my lifeblood. I see myself as an inspirer. I seek to help people see they can achieve what they want, and I want to provide them the motivation, the knowledge, and the resources to do just that!

Check it out! Tell me what you think!
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