Finished back of my "Motherboard" right after the last coat of paint
The front of "Motherboard" after months of use
A close-up of the front design and grit after months of use
The back of "Motherboard" after months of use
A closer shot after months of use
Flashback to using the laser-cut stencil on Motherboard
Right after the first coat of paint, with a few touch-ups done
Getting ready for more exact touchups
Covering up the copper paint and touching up with green
Showing how I cover up the copper for touching up the design
A wide-shot of my cover-up workspace
You can see the edits I'm making as green sharpie next to the copper
After the first touch up sesh!
Fast forward from through a few touch up seshes and I'm painting the nuts
And the truck fasteners
You'll get your hands dirty if you try this! Next time I'll wear gloves
I'm assembling it now. Hi foot!
Glamor shot of all the components
Here are the nuts, almost dry and copper-colored
... And it's fastened! That's the moment I finished it. So fulfilling!
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