Symbolism in angles and curves
When you think of translation, what image pops into your head?
If you have something cooler than this, I need to meet you.
Referred through a member of one of my Facebook groups I started, Mirror Translation required my help badly. They needed a clean black and white logo which would symbolize what they did:
Provide Farsi/English translation services.
So I got right to work and produced these.

From left to right, top to bottom, you're going forward in time. From the first draft on the top left to the final revision on the bottom right.
All on photoshop with pen and mouse input.
Thanks for reading! Enjoy the visuals!
Remarks from the client
"Joe Buchoff rescued us when we were stuck for a logo for our new company, Mirror Translation.

After experimenting with a few simple designs ourselves, we soon realised that we needed the input of an expert with the necessary creative mind and tools.
Joe offered us an excellent professional and fast service.
Us being in the UK and him in the USA caused no obstacles at all as we found him to be very patient with discussing and making minor changes to the logo design and accommodating them until we were all very happy.
Our personal designs look so amateurish now compared to what Joe has created!
Thank you again Joe"
I hope you enjoyed my project! ~Joe
Want to work with me?
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