Gia is a startup consultant who reached out to me to do her logo. After chatting with her, I got to the bottom of what she does and who she does it for.

After working in the startup scene in China, Gia, a Lithuania native decided to go into startup consulting, mainly for female entrepreneurs.

I created a logo which combines the idea nature of startups (see some lightbulb symbolism?) the mainly female clientelle (tulips anyone?) and the authority nature of the role of consultant with the unique perspective in a seamless, visually entertaining package.

How to communicate what she does without being too complicated and confusing
How to elongate the "A" and make it look natural given the gap in between the petals
How to combine the idea symbolism of the lightbulb with the feminine symbolism of the flower without sacrificing a sense of authority

I think I did alright! And so does she, as shared by this video she sent me:
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